Sunday, October 11, 2015

Howard's Homemade Radio Set

Howard's Homemade Radio Set

After about a year of searching for the vintage components, I constructed my little 5 Tube Superheterodyne Radio Receiver just for the fun of it.  But it is now one of the best AM Radios I have ever built.  At night it comes alive and catches stations other set go deaf to.

This was for me a labor of love.  I no longer had any of my tests instruments, which would have made this project easier to design and construct.  I just based its design on  AM Radio sets built back during the time frame from the late  1940's to the early 1950's.

The first stage IF is an original  Miller 13-PC9 which was the last one the company I ordered it from had on their shelf.  It had been on their shelf for over 60 years and is considered to be new old stock since it has never been used.  I finished constructing my little set on October 3, 2011.  I aligned and fine tuned it by feel and by ear. I really miss my O Scope, Marker generator, Tube Checker etc.  With just bare bones minimum hand tools and sheer determination and patience I managed to get it to pick up quite a number of radio stations.  This was one of the most fun projects I have completed in recent years.  Everyone who has seen and heard it has remarked about how wonderful it is.  Many of my friends and associates have asked me to build one like it for them.  I tell them all the same thing.  It is labor and time intensive, and I do not have the time to  repeat what I have undergone to accomplish it again,  I also tell them that they would not  want to  pay what it is worth for me to build one for them.  Someday it is my intention to finish a book on radio project that consist of parts that are not so hard to come by as the ones in my little  electronic marvel.  I wanted it to look homemade and not store bought.  It is quite a conversation piece to say the very least.

Below is a  picture of it as it was back in 2011, since this time I have made a few modifications and it does not look quite the same.I have been extremely busy working on one of my latest inventions.  I call it the Rollins Freezer VAC.  If you
would like to look at what I believe to be one of my greatest inventions to date, feel free to go to the link below to see the
Rollins Freezer-VAC.:

It is my belief that the improvement I have invented  for he field of refrigeration will be a dramatic an evolutionary  change  in technology as is going from Vacuum Tube Black & White Television  to  our Solid State Digitized Color Sets Modern Electronic Marvels.

Click on the link to get a little sneek peek of  the future of  Refrigeration :

 I will post a picture of the current version of My Little Radio Set for all to see some time down the line.

Take care for now my Friends.

professor Howard Daniel Rollins III
Inventor and Scientist!


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